Next-gen iPhone front panel compared on video to iPhone 4S

Posted on May 31 2012 - 3:50pm by Mike Wewerka

When speaking with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at DX (D10) the other night, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said that when it comes to privacy and security over its products, they were going to be “doubling down.” Perhaps Cook meant after the release of the next iPhone. I say this because the morning of his interview, several images leaked all over the internet, showing what could be the back and front of the new iPhone. On top of that, the following day, a schematic drawing of the next-gen iPhone surfaced, corroborating the previous day’s leak, by showing a relocated Facetime camera. Not exactly the best way to start off a “doubling down” effort.

For a third day in a row, another leak has happened, this time from Japanese Apple blog, Macotakara. While Macotakara has been hit or miss in the past when it comes to rumors, the fact that the part they are showing, looks identical to previous leaks and the schematic drawing from yesterday, we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. Unlike any of the previous leaks, Macotakara provided a video, showing off the front display panel (sorry no screen was shown) on top of the iPhone 4/4S. When placed on top of the 4S, it becomes quite clear that the new new iPhone’s display is much larger, almost half inch taller, while still retaining the same width. Despite the larger display, the total height of the device doesn’t look that much taller, maybe a quarter of an inch at most.

Check out the video for yourselves, there’s also two images below the clip. It will be interesting to see if Apple has this video pulled from the web.

iphone 5 front panel macotakara 2 Next gen iPhone front panel compared on video to iPhone 4S

iphone 5 front panel macotakara 1 Next gen iPhone front panel compared on video to iPhone 4S

Source: Macotakara   Via: MacRumors

  • Ian

    All apple fanboys are gonna love this bigger iPhone,
    after years of claiming androids are shit because everything bigger than the iPhone is not acceptable

    • Michael T. Blake

      Ian, that’s a really biased and Android “fanboy-ish” thing to say. While iPhone and Android crowds don’t normally see eye to eye, I don’t think iPhone users have called Android devices “shit” simply because they’ve had larger displays. Quite the opposite actually, a larger display has been on just about everyone’s wish list for a “must have” iPhone features for a while now. So yes, iPhone fans will absolutely love a larger display. iPhone fanboys, usually complain that Android devices copy Apple’s design, interface, features, and so forth. Examples: No Android handset had a front-facing camera, until after the iPhone 4 introduced it. No Android device featured a gyroscope until after iPhone. Then there’s Samsung’s blatant copying of the iPhone 3GS design, the copying of the iPhone AC charging adapter, the copying of the iPad’s design… these are just a few of the reasons Apple fans complain and call Android shit, not because they use larger displays.

      The main reason Android fans will complain about the iPhone getting a larger display is because it will be a massive draw to consumers and it may steal a large portion of the Android user base when it launches later this year. They’ll all complain that Android devices have had larger displays for a long time. What they won’t understand is, it’s not just the display alone that’s drawing in customers, it’s the whole package, the ecosystem. The ease of use, the app library, the phone’s design, Siri, iTunes and iCloud, all of these things matter, tech specs don’t really matter to 90% of the market, only to the 10% that troll sites like TechHog and others.