New Verizon Tiered Data Plans…hope they are false.

Posted on Jun 20 2011 - 2:05pm by Mike Wewerka

Not that I needed it, but if I did, I have just been re-affirmed as to why I’m with Sprint. I enjoy my “totally” unlimited service with them for $79.99 (that includes the $10 4G data premium). I get unlimited web, sms, mms, email and mobile-to-mobile calling for that price. Not to mention all the really good phones lately (at least with Android phones) and possible a rumored iPhone in September.

I say all this because I’m glad I’m not on Verizon and if I was I’d be upset if this “rumor” does indeed become true. It appears as though Verizon is going to jump on the tiered data bandwagon and not only that, they plan to “screw their customers” over. Right now it costs their customers $30 for “unlimited” data which, for a while, has been the standard. Even AT&T started out with that number when the iPhone launched in 2007. But these companies want more of your hard earned money. So they are introducing the following rumored rates:

  • 2GB – $30/month
  • 5GB – $50/month
  • 10GB – $80/month

So while you would have paid $30 for unlimited data, now you are capped at 2GB per month for the same price. Go over that limit and the fees will start to mount up. Whats worse, is if you wanted to get as close to your previous “unlimited” plan, 10GB is the highest they go and that will run you $80, $20 bucks shy of a cool “Benjamin” and that’s just for data.

Now for those of you who use tablets and enjoy tethering your iPad or Android tablet to your phone, get ready to pay even more…for an extra $20 a month added to each of those plans you can expect to pay:

  • 4GB – $50/month
  • 7GB – $70/month
  • 12GB – $100/month

You basically get an extra 2GB of data on top of your normal plan just for tethering all for $20 more a month. So much for the days of unlimited, at least on Verizon.

I’m failing to see why anyone would want to be on Big Red. They’ve been lacking in terms of cutting edge Android phones, both Sprint and T-Mobile (3rd & 4th largest carriers in the U.S.) have been getting better phones, dual-core phones at that, like the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D, Sprint even got the XOOM and the HTC EVO View 4G, both of them even got the “Pure” Google Nexus S and Sprint was the chosen partner with Google’s new Google Wallet, which would signify that Google will no doubt debut the next Nexus on Sprint as well. Combine all that with both carriers having truly unlimited plans and decent coverage…the only reason I could see anyone going with Verizon is if they live in the middle of the US where they have no choice because Verizon has better coverage, that’s about it.

Hopefully these prices and data amounts prove to be false, otherwise, I would hope current customers were smart enough to make the jump, because those rates are downright pathetic.

[Source: Droid-Life]