New TechHog 2.0 Shirt now for sale

Posted on Dec 2 2011 - 12:50am by Mike Wewerka
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Screen Shot 2011 12 02 at 12.38.12 AM New TechHog 2.0 Shirt now for sale
With the sites redesign and things moving forward, we discontinued the old “Hog Head” shirt, but fear not, we’ve added the new shirt above (the artwork can be seen below). With a new logo and a new site comes a new shirt. The new TechHog 2.0 shirt is now available in our store over at Skreened.

The designs are available on high quality, super soft American Apparel shirts for only $25.99. On the front you have the new TechHog name logo and on the back (yes, it’s two sided) is the new box logo with the address. If you prefer a cheaper shirt, we do offer the design on the Anvil brand, they just won’t have that super soft, worn in feel that defines American Apparel.

We hope you like the design and we have some awesome new stuff coming up as we begin to expand our apparel line.

Thanks again for all the support guys and gals.

*PS: To Jay (a reader of ours) I love the email you sent us, “TechHog is the Cowbell of Tech News… I just need more Cowbell.” I see a shirt idea in that phrase…keep your eyes peeled.techhog shirt front 580x393 New TechHog 2.0 Shirt now for sale