New Google Play Store 4.0 now rolling out to Android devices worldwide

Posted on Apr 9 2013 - 11:58am by Mike Wewerka
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playstore1 New Google Play Store 4.0 now rolling out to Android devices worldwide

Google has gone a step further from actually acknowledging the existence of a new Play Store (Version 4) today, they’ve actually released it. After a few weeks of leaked versions, some of which have made their way around several Android blogs, Google has finally kicked off their roll out of the new Play Store, by issuing the update worldwide.

The new Play Store brings with it a new look, heavily influenced by Google Now. It also brings larger images and a new way to receive recommendations. The app’s overall functionality has also been simplified, making everything from navigation to checking out much easier. Even in its pre-release form, most people who had access to the new store, said it looked great and couldn’t wait for it to be released.

The app is rolling out worldwide now and is available for any Android device running 2.2 or higher. Keep in mind, this update is for millions of phones, not just a few models on one carrier, like system updates. So there is bound to be a lot of stress on Google’s server as the update is pushed out, so just be patient. Or you can wait until someone posts the .apk online and grab it that way.

If your store gets updated, be sure to let us know what you think of Google’s new “Now-inspired” Play Store.

Source: Android Blog