New Contest: Win the last Samsung Infuse 4G from TechHog

Posted on Aug 15 2011 - 5:47pm by Mike Wewerka
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Today is officially the 1 year anniversary of So we are going to give away another Samsung Infuse 4G phone for AT&T. We gave one away last week to a lucky reader, @ebirus (twitter name), who won the device by a random picking via our twitter contest.  We still have 1 more Samsung Infuse 4G to giveaway, courtesy of Samsung Mobile US. This contest is slightly different from the last one, so here is:

How to Enter:

Follow us on Twitter @TheTechHog (so we can notify the winner). Then in the comments of this thread, tell us why you think you should win the Samsung Infuse 4G. Remember, a lot of people want to win, so you’ll need to tell us why YOU should win, get creative. That’s it. Also, put your twitter name in the post, so we know who you are!


-You must be following us in order to win, as we will need to DM (direct message) the winner to get their address to mail the phone. If we attempt to DM you and we find that you are not following us, we will pick another winner at random. Be sure to include your twitter name in the post so that we know who you are!
-You may enter only ONE time, from when this is posted until Wednesday at 5pm (when the contest ends).
-You must be a legal resident of the U.S. (sorry, we can’t do this for our foreign readers) and have a normal mailing address, no P.O. Boxes.
-Tell us in your “OWN” words why you should win, “NO copy and pasted generic, I want to win” comments. Your answer should be creative and make us want to award you the phone.

That’s it guys and girls, spread the word and get going! We want to give this last device away! This contest is shorter so you’ll have less time to enter!

Information on the Samsung Infuse 4G can be found here: Samsung Infuse 4G for AT&T

  • Kina Summerlin

    I should win because I’m the first to post a comment. You know what they say: “The early bird gets the worm.” Of course, the early WORM gets got, but that’s beside the point ;-)

  • BKG121867

    I want to win the samsung infuse so I can finally get my 1st android phone and see the difference for myself between an iPhone and android phone. Then I could give my opinion on what I think about the Infuse. See for myself what all this hype is about.

  • James Whitbord

    I should win the Samsung Infuse 4G because as a single dad who raised two boys on my own,I have always “sacrificed” the latest technology for my kids.Dad always got the crappy phone.Well after 10 years,I deserve an awesome phone.

    following on twitter @whitbord:twitter   Thank you @TheTechHog

  • S3lambert

    My phone display is cracked and it is time to go to AT&T.

  • Jade

    I should be chosen to win the Samsung Infuse 4G because I have been a loyal Samsung fan for 7 years now. I have a digital camera, current and all previous phones(5 in total), mp3 player, and blu-ray player all of the same brand. I believe Samsung products are the superior in all areas!! Plus I am an accounting major graduating this spring and this phone will give me greater flexibility and mobility in the job market. I should also win the phone because I love your website and the information you provide to users across all platforms. The final reason you should pick me to win this phone is because I’m the 4th comment, that says that I didn’t jump in to be first, but took my time to really think through my comment, but I also didn’t wait to enter until the last minute either. On that note, thanks for considering me and good luck to all entrants!! May the best comment win!

  • Larry Banamassa

    I have an aging windows mobile phone. There is very little I can do with since no one develops Apps for it any more. The phone freezes all the time and has extremely poor battery life. The phone has become an annoyance rather than a convenience.
    Having a Samsung Infuse 4G with Android would put me back in the 21st century again! I would have access to hundreds of thousands of apps and finally be able to watch high quality video on my phone.

  • Eric Wilborn

    I don’t want to win this phone. I _need_ to win this phone. I intend to use this phone as a mobile (4G!) hotspot to keep my netbook connected at all points in time. With this capability I will be able to monitor the ways of the Internet in real time in order to protect against environmental uproars, Twitter trends, and random chaos (global warming lol). Don’t worry; I won’t let my protective nature overwhelm me. (After all, all work and no play make Eric something something.) That 4.5″ screen will host plenty of hours of Angry Birds (and its spinoffs!) and, who knows… that just might help me find a solution for worldwide hunger.

  • Anonymous

    Because I never win anything and I still keep entering all these little contest hoping one day I’ll win something. I already own one of these beast and if I won  this one I’d give it to my wife, who’s stuck with the HTC Aria right now with a cracked screen. She really wants this phone because she’s always had a Samsung phone (Blackjack 1 & 2) until I convinced her try a HTC phone. The Infuse is by far the best phone I’ve every owned and all the bragging I’ve done to my wife about it has her wanting one. So if you want to make a complete stranger very happy and maybe get me some EXTRA cool points, you’ll pick me. But even if you don’t this phone really rocks! And good luck to everyone. My twitter name is MBB954. 

  • Anonymous

    I think I should win because I do not have a phone that allows apps..web or any other cool stuff (can’t imagine having 4G) that everyone has! I cannot afford one because I have a son entering college in a week and a daughter who has to have the latest clothing to enter high school eckkk help me be cool :) is always last to get anything good.. thanks for the chance!

  • MSBusbeeJr

    I should win because it’s my birthday. @msbusbeejr

  • Rfoxkenny

    I would like to would this phone because I bought it and gave it to my sister because she broke her phone. @rfoxkenny

  • Jonny459

    I should win the Samsung Infuse 4G because I have never owned a cell phone before, and I’m in much need of a cell phone. It would be able to keep in contact with my friends from church and college group, and I recently just got my license, so I will need a cell phone to keep in contact with family as well.

    Following on twitter @Jonnymovgamer:twitter

  • Miguel F.

    Not too creative here. I would like to win the Infused to replace my Captivate that I have now replaced three times and AT& T won’t give me another device just the crappy refurbs. The Infused is what the Captivate should have been andI would love to win it. @mugenazul

  • jertaybro

    I deserve the Samsung Infuse 4G, because I’m a hard-working full-time employee/mom of three and barely have a minute to myself. A new phone to keep track of all the activities my children have going on would be such a relief. And I am an AT&T customer. : ) Thanks for the opp.

  • SemiAutoAZ

    I would love to win this Samsung Infuse, so that I can finally replace my ATT line with a meaningful ANDROID device. You see…. my ATT line has an iPhone on it. I don’t use it because of that reason. If I were to win the Samsung Infuse, I would not only use it to view your site when I am on the go, but i can PROMISE…. no BGR will ever touch the display on this screen. After reading BGR, I became a loyal TechHog connoisseur and plan to keep it that way,.


  • Anonymous

    Hey, there’s actually other people commenting on this site! Yay!

    Anyway, I don’t want that phone, I want the nexus prime! How about that? :P

  • kylewashere98

    I need the Infuse 4g because I tried to flash a rom on my first phone, (samsung captivate) yesterday and I bricked it and I am not sure if I flashed the right one, as soon as it finished my phone bricked. My comment name is the same as my twitter name.

  • Katherine Persons

     I want to win because my phone will only call, and text and I am jealous of everyone elses phone.  Plus myhusband and I share one so each of the kids can have one~ Please fulfill my Christmas wish early

  • Katherine Persons

    Sorry twitter is @mkjmc:twitter 

  • Ted Silvaiii

    I am starting up my small biz & a Samsung Infuse 4G will help me succeed at this. The Android apps and phone features = a mobile office! The front cam is great for conf calls.  this phone out does the iPhone in so many ways.  With 2 jobs, 4 kids and a wife this device can organize my life and entertain with the HUB. My brother’s in the Air Force and with the media apps we can stay in touch thru his service . I have been a Samsung loyalist  since ’03. I currently have the slider A737. This device is good but the Samsung Infuse 4G is a  smartphone game changer and can be a life changer for me! Thanks.@tedsilvaiii

  • Capsin6

    I should win the Infuse 4G because, I need an upgrade, like right now. I jumped on the Android bandwagon last year June with an HTC Aria. But the digitizer screen on it broke after a small fall. I’m not eligible for an upgrade till July 2012. So, I need a phone right now and hope I’ll win this one. Oh, btw, if I do, I’ll immediately install Cynogenmod on it, as I can’t imagine using anything but CM7 on my Android device. Thats’ what I used on my Aria and that is what is on my wife’s Samsung Captivate. Hopefully digitizer screen on the Infuse can handle a small fall out of the pocket!! Thanks!!

  • Jim

    I bought my first android phone a couple months ago, Samsung Infuse, and my toddler thought it would be funny to flush it down the toilet. The phone is ruined and i’m stuck with an old sony ericsson bar phone and a 2gb data plan that I cant drop. I need a new Infuse but cant afford one off contract. Thanks! @kyjrmjr

  • Jillyrh

    I should win this phone because I am a single Mom who has a son who insists on somehow either dropping his phone in a glass of milk  or breaking it in some other way so that Mom always needs to figure out a way to come up with the money to buy him a new phone.  This would be a lifesaver for me to have this as a backup to have on hand when it’s pretty much guaranteed that something will eventually happen to the phone he has now. Thanks for the chance to win. :) @jillyrh on twitter

  • Avery Duncan

    I would like to win because i broken about 10 iphones total because not having a case now i have sixty bucks and am ready for a case but all i need is a smartphone and not another iphone so for the time i am stuck with a crappy samsung gophone please i would love to win i pinky promise i will by an otterbox i will be extra safe i swear.

  • Avery Duncan

    and my twitter name is @godbot1324

  • CsCaleb

    I think I should win the samsung infuse because I can only get on the internet at work because I dont have a computer or t.v. in my house and I have been looking for something that is both and this phon is it it is not as big as a t.v. or a computer but it is still big and has a beautiful screen that I can go on the internet on and watch t.v. on. I need this phone.
    Twitter: CsCaleb

  • Jaefisher

    I should win bcus (S)uper (A)ndroids (M)ake (S)uperior (U)nbelievably (N)eat (G)adgets and (I) (N)eed (F)aster (U)ltimate (S)amsung (E)lectronics (4) (G)aming (A)nd (T)alking (&) (T)exting
    *look close u will see (S)(A)(M)(S)(U)(N)(G) (I)(N)(F)(U)(S)(E) (4)(G) (A)(T)(&)(T)*
    Twitter- @JaeMoonwalker:twitter 

  • Anonymous

    While I would like to say I would like this phone for myself, I would really prefer to give it to my mother. She has always sacrificed the best stuff so that my sister and I could have the better things. She still works on a G4 powered laptop, yet buys me a MacBook Pro last year and my Sister gets an iPhone 4. She never buys anything for herself. She still uses the original iPhone with Edge service. If I were to win, I would give the phone to her, so that she could finally have something nicer than her kids. She deserves it.
     Thanks, twitter name is: Bubby1999

  • Saraminda

    I think I should win because I’m a really good person :D …I don’t ask for much and I give to others before myself. My kids have better phones than myself. I would love to have access to a phone like this one!! Please make it happen :) @saraminda:disqus 

  • Lisa Grassetti

    I want to win the Samsung Infuse 4G first because I know Samsung makes a great product. The Samsung TV’s are fantastic! Another reason is every phone I buy that is suppose to be so great never works good for me. Friends tell me get this one I get it and it’s a piece of crap to be hones. This phone being 4G would be awesome I wouldn’t have to worry about how slow my phone is and I like the screen size! ladylisa1 is my twitter name. 

  • Farook

    i should win bcoz i think samsung 4g infuse s very fast due to the android and it presence of 4g ……it should b very nice if samsung infuse wit me very useful 4 my studies also.


    I should win this because I am a struggling parent with young kids and no cell phone for emergencies…..and live far away from my family…so I think I really need this badly

    • Zack 195 my twitter name

      Zack195 is my twitter name