Netflix say, we have no plans to support the BlackBerry PlayBook

Posted on Feb 24 2012 - 7:33pm by Mike Wewerka

At this point, RIM has to be getting used to being kicked while they are down. The Canadian smartphone maker just recently released its long over due, PlayBook 2.0 update, that finally brought email, Android app support and a slew of other updates. Sadly, the update, which for the most part, has been well received, seems to have fallen flat, it appears to be a case of too little, too late.

Even with the support of Android apps, the PlayBook is still missing a somewhat crucial app, that most other tablets, like the Kindle Fire, iPad, and most Android tablets enjoy, Netflix. And according to Netflix’s twitter account, there are no plans to make one, at least anytime soon. But that could change, if (and that’s a big if) the PlayBook actually begins to sell. “Generally we want to be on every screen that’s relevant to you,” Netflix tweeted Friday, attempting to save face with disgruntled customers. “While we don’t support Blackberry today, our plans can change.”


When you combine all the facts, like how RIM has lost large customers like the U.S. Climate agency, NOAA and Halliburton, plus online travel site, Kayak, has even pull its app from the BlackBerry App World, and now no support from Netflix, all within the first two months of 2012, it doesn’t sound promising for the folks in Waterloo.

It’s going to be a LONG couple of months for RIM as they struggle to stay a float before they can release a BB10 device.