More confirmation that a NEW Nook Color is coming!

Posted on Sep 4 2011 - 7:52pm by Mike Wewerka
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So a buddy of mine who works at the local Best Buy sent me this picture along with some info about the Nook Color. As you can see by the image, the Nook Color has been removed from the display and he tells me that they are not expecting any more units this month. He said his inventory system doesn’t show a listing for a Nook Color 2, yet, but he’ll keep an eye out.

Now I can’t imagine that Barnes and Noble would just stop manufacturing of the Nook Color, as it is way to popular, not to mention that they are still selling the original Nook since the new Nook Touch has been released. But perhaps this store is looking to focus on the new Nook Color 2 rather then the original. But perhaps, B&N is taking a page from Apple’s book and is going to slow or stop shipping current units to make way for the new Nook Color. Either way, it is interesting that this Best Buy is not expecting anymore units, just when rumors start to circulate that a new Nook Color will debut later this month.

Thanks Jay!

  • Onemissa

    That is strange info. I was at my local Best Buy yesterday and asked the guy working if they had any info on the Nook Color 2. I also told him about this info you posted so he decided to do some checking. And even though he isn’t suppose to let customers see what they get to see he did. Well there of course isn’t any info on the Nook Color 2 yet and there isn’t anything saying they aren’t expecting any more shipments on the current Nook Color. In fact it stated they were good to receive shipments until 2015. Hmmm.