[Editorial] Do Mobile OS Brand Names Mean More to Customers than Functionality?

Posted on Nov 5 2011 - 10:39am by Doug Puccetti
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Over the years I have gone from an iPhone owner, to an Android user and now a Windows junkie(kinda). I have no problems with any company and their die hard users but there are some things that I feel need to be pointed out. Its so hard to compare these three operating systems since they are all different, but people seem to do it every day. Yes each OS has its pros and cons but maybe there is more to it. Maybe we’re missing the big picture.

With Apple and it’s iOSx there is only one mobile device that it gets uploaded too. That being the iPhone (not including the iPad or iTouch); which, until recently, was only on AT&T network. That doesn’t seem fair when compared to Android which is on Multiple carriers including, but not limited to, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and now Straight Talk. On top of being on multiple carriers, there are also many brand name company’s that produce Android devices. More then the one for iOSx (Apple). Over the past year or two all these carriers and company’s have been producing too many Android phones to count. It seems even less fair to compare any of these to Windows Phone 7.x which is the newest of the platforms(not including Windows 6.x since Windows Phone 7.x is a complete re-haul).

If we take all three operating systems and compare them without worrying about the devices speed or camera size (something the OS has no control over) while also excluding any name brands which do you think people would prefer…

Apple’s iOSx is strictly application based. Everything you do on the phone happens in an application. The layout is pretty simplistic and basic. Cant do much customization other than change around the icons on your home screen and your wallpaper. iOSx is closed source so doesn’t leave much out there for developers. Its Apples way or no way. The good thing about this is if you know your way around one iPhone, you know them all. Personally I feel like application based operating systems is a thing of the past.

Windows Phone 7.x is new like I said and implements live tiles. Just like iOSx this OS is limited in the design but can be customized to the users liking. Whither that be color, which tiles are displayed, what information they display, when they display that information. They good thing about Windows Phone 7.x, which I personally think brings it above its competitors,  is its integration of apps. Meaning your apps can talk with each other and share information. In the people tile (contacts) it lists not only your contacts but your most recent contacted people and your recent  twitter, facebook, windows live, linked in, etc, feed. This integration is great because it has all they information you need in one location.

Android’s OS, unlike iOSx, is open source allowing Users and developers to do pretty much what they want to their phone. Android phones can be customized to be app based and look like iOSx software, Windows Phone 7.x software, or any other way you like. Android uses widgets what display up to date information for the user on the screen at all times, Customizable clocks, and Home screens laid out any way the user desires.

So which OS has the best potential? To be honest I feel Windows Phone 7.x had a late start but if they keep climbing as fast as they are, they will soon pass Android and Apple. Android will never have a problem since it is open source. Developers will keep devolving and make android as wonderful as it can be. I feel apple on the other hand has a large leg up on the competition butlike i said, app based OS is old news. If Apple wants to stay on top they will need some major UI changes.

Let me know your opinions.


  • Dk

    Are you kidding me?  Windows will soon pass Android and Apple?  You have lost all credibility with just that one statement.

    • http://www.techhog.com Michael T. Blake

      Dk, please keep in mind, this is an editorial and as such should be treated as an opinion. Doug isn’t reporting news in this post. This is merely his opinion and should not be taken as fact.

      Credibility has nothing to do with this post. To be honest, I completely disagree with Doug on this one here, but I give him freedom to post his own thoughts when it comes to an editorial.

      With Windows only holding 1% of the smartphone market, I don’t see them beating Android or iOS any time soon. But that is my opinion. All I ask is that you don’t base site credibility solely on editorials.


    • Gfs0978

      The article is an opinion piece. Doug is not reporting this as fact….but solely on his own thoughts and feelings regarding the subject. If you don’t agree with his thoughts….then you shouldn’t say he loses all of his credibility because it’s his strong thoughts on subjects like these they gave him his credibility in the first place. The fact that you dismiss him right away after one disagreement with his opinion shows your lack of open-mindedness. In the future instead of dismissing, state why you disagree with his thoughts and add to the conversation…..not subtract.

  • Sam Keller

    I happen to agree partly with him. I’m not sure what time frame he meant
    by ‘soon’ but logically I don’t think it was within a year. Soon is a
    relative term not a precise one. I do agree that Apple needs to do
    something with their OS other than apps and I think other people feel
    that way too. http://www.readwriteweb.com/mobile/2011/03/idc-predicts-windows-phone-will-beat-rim-and-apple-by-2015.php

    I don’t agree that Windows will beat out Android or Apple but we’re loosing sight
    of the title of this article ‘Do Mobile OS Brand Names Mean More to
    Customers than Functionality?’.

    I think what he is trying to say is if there were no labeled brand names
    associated with Apple, Android or Windows operating systems, would apple die hearts
    still buy the iOS? and same goes for Android die hearts buying gingerbread/ICS and Windows die
    hearts buying WP7-7.5.

    MK, I’m sorry but I completely disagree with your ignorant statement. He
    is entitled to his opinion like Mike said. Cut him some slack. There is
    no crystal ball saying Windows will die off in a year and be demolished
    by its competition. On the contrary, there is also no crystal ball to
    tell us Windows will beat or even get close to its competition.

    I respect Doug’s opinion.

  • http://twitter.com/techhogdoug Doug Puccettl

    Thanks Mike and Sam for clarifying things. Its good to hear people who don’t agree with me. If this was a world where we all agreed it would be pretty boring. But I feel I have no need to defend myself, its just my opinion.

  • Ianmccully

    imho i think you are wrong on this , but you are entitled to your opinion , watch this space is all i can say for now, as look at windows before you couldn’t get an app and people like me have a very long memory i mind things like this , so this is where i get my opinion from personal experience with windows orange spv c500 which was hard at the best of times too find an app, so microsoft have lost my custom in the future.

    I will always go android from now on as you can have your phone exactly how you want, also you can program your android phone with app inventor if you are tech savy whic i am thanks for reading my opinion please comment below or contact me on google plus ianmccully


    • http://twitter.com/techhogdoug Doug Puccettl

      Thanks for replying. I’m not taking sides with windows/android/apple. I’m just saying there is potential. I just feel its higher than most people think. Windows has gone a long way since the Orange spv c500. But I do agree, Android is more versatile and a better performer. I still use my Rooted HTC Inspire and love it. But being in the position I am in, I have to be open minded to all operating systems, and what better way to do that than using them all.