Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace reaches 50,000 total Apps

Posted on Dec 27 2011 - 10:29pm by Mike Wewerka

Well here’s some good news for Microsoft and the Windows Phone 7 platform. The Windows Marketplace has just passed the 50,000 app mark. It took Microsoft only 18 months to achieve this feat, besting Android, but falling behind Apple’s iOS App Store. That being said, the 50,000 still is a far cry from both Apple’s 600,000 and Android 500,000 apps.

When the Window Marketplace hit 40,000 apps it was averaging around 165 apps being added a day. Now they are averaging around 265 apps per day. While it may not be the massive growth that Apple saw, it does show that developers are taking an interest in the Window Phone Marketplace.

windows phone uptick Microsofts Windows Marketplace reaches 50,000 total Apps

This new found interest could be for multiple reasons, like developers don’t want to rely to heavily on just one or two OS’s for their success. It could be the simple fact that developers can now easily port apps that are already created for iOS and Android, thus is easy money. Or, it could be the fact that Microsoft has been paying developers or offering incentives to develop for Windows Phone 7.

Anyway you look at it, the Windows marketplace is growing, sadly, the Windows Phone platform’s market share isn’t. With Nokia’s hardware expected to land in the first quarter of 2012, we’ll have to wait and see if that turns the tide. But when looking at Nokia’s performance in Europe, where they are traditionally very strong, all we are seeing are reports non-interest, with Reuters calling Nokia’s Windows based devices a “bomb.”

I love competition, it drives innovation, so I’m pulling for Microsoft to have some success here, I congratulate them on the 50,000 app milestone, I only hope their phones take off as well.


Source: TechCrunch