Microsoft’s Surface tablet not selling well at all, according to sources

Posted on Mar 15 2013 - 1:38pm by Mike Wewerka
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microsoft touch case surface blue tablet windows 580x380 Microsofts Surface tablet not selling well at all, according to sources

According to three sources who all have access to the official Surface sales numbers, Microsoft’s first foray into the hardware market isn’t doing to well. Talking to Bloomberg, these sources say that Microsoft’s Surface RT has only sold about 1 million units since its launch in November, while the more recently released Surface Pro has sold just over 400,000 units. Combined, their sales are less than half of the initial order (3 million) Microsoft expected to sell by this point in time. While the Pro model has definitely sold more units, and faster, than the bare bones RT model, both of these units combined fall extremely short of Apple’s 22 million iPads sold in the fourth quarter of 2012.

It’s easy to see why companies like Nokia, who’ve been pressed about tablet plans, have remained on the sidelines, essentially watching for Microsoft’s own efforts to either fail or succeed. It doesn’t help matters, when hardware manufacturers like Acer and Samsung, who’ve been long Microsoft Windows partners, call out the new Windows 8 OS, as being a disappointment. Even JK Shin, Samsung’s latest Co-CEO says that Microsoft’s Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface RT have no demand and that he and his company prefer Android.

Will the Surface survive to celebrate its one year anniversary or will the folks in Redmond pull the plug on the project and abandon ship before it sinks?