Microsoft to “retire” Messenger in favor of Skype in 2013

Posted on Nov 7 2012 - 9:52am by Mike Wewerka

Early 2013, March to be specific, will be a sad day for those who’ve used Microsoft’s Messenger, the world’s most used messenger software. Next year, Microsoft will official “retire” its famed messaging service in favor of Skype, the company it bought for quite a few billion.

For those of you who use Messenger, don’t fret, Skype and Microsoft will be working with you to make the transition to Skype as painless as possible, offering technical assistance and help. But the cross over won’t be that painful, because now that Microsoft owns Skype, which in version 6.0, allowed users to sign in to the service with their Microsoft account. Now all users of Messenger need to do is sign into Skype with their Microsoft account and their contacts from Messenger will automatically port over..

Still some customers may not be as comfortable with the change, as Messenger has been around for 13 years and has become a staple for many users. If that sounds like you, I suggest you start the process now and slowly ease yourself into the transition, rather than waiting until March, when you’re forced to change cold turkey.

If you’re a messenger user, let us know what you think of the change, good or bad.