Microsoft starts shipping Windows 8 to PC Manufacturers

Posted on Mar 29 2011 - 7:40pm by Mike Wewerka
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window 8 Microsoft starts shipping Windows 8 to PC Manufacturers

It appears that Microsoft is progressing quite well with its latest version of windows, aptly named, Windows 8. This is according to numerous posters over at the website mydigitallife, that claim Microsoft has already begun to issue Windows 8 to PC manufacturers via its “Connect Internal Testing System.”

The new version of Windows is said to contain a “fully dynamic” 3D user interface, which will allow the OS to adapt to the users habits. There is also a supposed “fast hibernation” function that will allow the OS to go into a saved-state in 3-6 seconds. Microsoft may also be looking to tie their new mobile OS, Windows Phone 7, to the Window 8 by using some sort of “tile” or “hub” UI much like WP7 currently enjoys.

BGR reports that we could see a beta of Window 8 “next” September, but I’m not sure if that is suppose to mean this September or not. Seeing how manufactures are getting the OS now, a year and half from now seems like a long time before we get a beta.

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[Source: BGR via WinRumors]