Microsoft roadmap leaks, shows future of Windows Phone

Posted on Apr 12 2012 - 3:37pm by Mike Wewerka

microsoft roadmap Microsoft roadmap leaks, shows future of Windows Phone

The image above from ZDNet is rumored to be a leaked road map of Microsoft’s future software plans. While the chart shows off things like Windows Server and Internet Explorer (10), we are more interested in the future of Windows Phone, which is last on the chart.

It appears that Windows Phone is scheduled to see “Future Investments” towards the end of 2012, we’d probably say closer to mid-third quarter. This future “investment” is most likely the update to “Apollo” aka Windows Phone 8.

If this roadmap is indeed correct, that would put Microsoft’s update right around the same time as a possible Android 5.0 and even iOS 6 release. If Microsoft can crame enough goodies and fix a lot of the complaints, we could see a brand new war between all three OS’s, each ending the year with a new version.

Should be an interesting end of 2012,

Source: WP Life