Microsoft has cut orders of Surface tablet in half, just ahead of the Holiday shopping season, due to lack of demand.

Posted on Nov 30 2012 - 5:24pm by Mike Wewerka

Well I guess I know why no Microsoft PR rep decided to correct my ending statement to my recent post concerning modest Surface sales. You see, Ballmer spoke to a French news site and when questioned about sales of the new Surface tablet, Ballmer said sales have been modest. This apparently rocked the boat back in Washington and Microsoft PR quickly got involved and said that what Mr. Ballmer meant to say, was that they have been “ramping up” sales modestly. I called it BS and said all they need to do is release “actual” sales numbers to prove they weren’t lying. No numbers have been released and no one from Redmond has reached out to prove me wrong.

So why wouldn’t anyone reach out? Because Ballmer was in fact speaking the truth. Sales of the Surface have been terrible. In fact, they’ve been so bad, that Microsoft has cut orders with Asian manufacturers in half, from four million units, down to only two million. This news comes on the verge of Microsoft announcing the Surface which will run Windows 8 Pro. It’s a 64GB WiFi only tablet that is horribly priced $200 more than the 64GB iPad and $70 dollars more than the iPad with WiFi + 4G LTE and 64GB. Want a Surface running Windows 8 Pro that has 128GB of storage, then be prepared to pony up $1000.

To Microsoft’s defense—if you can call it that—they aren’t the only ones who have a Windows RT tablet that is tanking. ASUS, Dell and Samsung, all of whom have Windows RT tablets out on the market, have also reported disappointing sales. It looks like despite Microsoft’s intriguing and creative Surface commercials, customers aren’t buying it, just like they aren’t buying a Windows Phone.

Since Windows Phone 7, I’ve been confused as to why people won’t give Microsoft’s new Windows Phone, and now more recently, Windows RT a shot. They are gorgeous looking products. The OS is smooth and easy to use, they have great features and awesome designs. It has to come down to their lack of apps, people’s opinion of the product or perhaps Microsoft still suffers from its “evil” stigma. Whatever the case may be, it’s sad that these products aren’t selling like they should.