Microsoft begins to push Surface tablet to more retail stores

Posted on Dec 7 2012 - 2:25pm by Mike Wewerka

Despite the fact that Microsoft’s Surface tablet hasn’t exactly been a runaway success and that orders for the device have been cut in half from Asian suppliers, rumors are suggesting that Microsoft is moving forward with a continued roll out to more retailers around the globe.

Initially, the roll out will take place in two waves, the first of which will take place in countries were Microsoft has no retail presence, i.e., NOT the US, Canada or Puerto Rico, but no specific regions are known at this point. The second wave of the roll out will take place in the beginning of 2013, presumably in January, and will see the Surface RT and Surface Pro (the one that runs a full version of Windows 8, features a fan and is lot heavier) making their way to big box retailers like Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples and Fry’s.

It’s clear that Microsoft is taking a very careful and slow approach with the Surface’s retail roll out, as to not over do it and then be left with millions of devices that just won’t sell. While Microsoft plans to distribute its tablet to other retailers, consumers will still be able to purchase the Surface via Microsoft’s online store and at their own branded brick and mortar retail outlets around the world.

Source: ZDnet