Lookout Mobile Security partners with Sprint adds Safe Browsing

Posted on Jun 15 2011 - 9:59am by Mike Wewerka

If you’ve used Android and enjoy “side-loading” apps or installing things you are not entirely sure are safe…or surf websites that could be potentially harmful to your device than you might want to listen up. Lookout Mobile Security who’s been a leader in providing Android phones with malware protection, has announced an update to their premium service called, Safe Browsing. So now Lookout will not only protect you from “iffy” applications but will also protect your precious phone from harmful websites.

Basically the new “Safe Browsing Feature” runs hidden in the background operations and when you click on links of any kinds it kicks into action and will check the URL you’ve entered or clicked on and if everything is okay, than you’ll just proceed as normal, if things are bad however, a message box will pop up warning you of a potential problem. I know some of you are always concerned with performance and battery life and will want to know if this will have an effect. From what has been tested from Lookout, they say you’ll notice no difference. So now you can have peace of mind without a performance hit.

So how can one find this fine piece of software? Well Lookout has just partnered with Sprint, who will make the app part of their Sprint Zone in the Android Market on the far right dedicated tab. So you should have no problems finding it.

While this all sounds great, we all know that nothing good is free…and that is the same case here. But luckily, it’s not expensive, for just $2.99 a month you can have access to the premium service and the Safe Browsing feature. If you’d rather just pay up front for a year, it will set you back $29.99. Not to much to ask for protecting all your personal private details.

Of course, there is the Free never fail Security measure that you can do yourself, it’s simple, STOP SURFING PORN ON YOUR PHONE!