Leaked Photo of the upcoming PlayStation 4 Controller

Posted on Feb 15 2013 - 9:47am by Mike Wewerka

sc001 580x328 Leaked Photo of the upcoming PlayStation 4 Controller

Later this month, Sony is set to hold an event that many believe will be the first unveiling of the upcoming PlayStation 4. This is the first console from Sony since they released the PS3 over 5 years ago. While most gamers are dying to see what the new console will look like—despite being the part they they interact with the least—a new photo has leaked of what looks to be the new controller for the PS4.

The image above is connected to a Dev (or Developer) Machine, but shows a slightly modified version of the popular Six-Axis/Dual Shock 3 controller that gamers have come to love from Sony. The new controller features what looks like a touch sensitive pad in the middle (much like the back of the company’s PS Vita) and below that, are speaker holes, which may be for sound (like Nintendo’s Wiimote) or a microphone for voice controls. Above the touch pad is a glowing blue rectangle, which looks very much like color of the glowing ball on Sony’s PlayStation Move controller, meaning that “Move” functionality could also be built into the controller as well.

One things for certain, this controller, if real, shows that Sony is packing a lot of technology into the PlayStation 4 experience. Hopefully we’ll get all our answers on the 20th of this month.

Source: Engadget