Is this RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 device, the re-designed London?

Posted on Feb 1 2012 - 12:50am by Mike Wewerka
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blackberrylondonleakedslidedantetktk Is this RIMs first BlackBerry 10 device, the re designed London?
Remember that boxy metal looking BlackBerry 10 device we showed off a while back (here) well it looks like RIM has decided to scrap that design and move to a more normal, matte black design. The image above was scooped up by CrackBerry from an internal RIM slide deck.
Oddly enough, this new design looks very similar to those of the previously rumored iPhone 5 renders, except in all black. Will this be the device we see come later this year, it’s possible. But is this phone going to save the struggling Waterloo company? It’s going to take more than a pretty package, the software will be the determining factor.
Source: CrackBerry