iPad 3 to have a HD front facing camera as well as a massively improved rear camera

Posted on Jan 5 2012 - 4:13pm by Mike Wewerka
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According to reports from both iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz and 9to5Mac, the iPad 3 is going to be getting some camera improvement love. When the iPad 2 debuted with both a front-facing and rear camera, the critics called it the tablets weakest parts. But with Apple’s commitment to Facetime and their love of the iPhone 4/4S’s camera we may be seeing a marked improved in the iPad 3. The iPad 3 is said to have an HD camera for face time as well as the camera from the iPhone 4 or 4S, my bet is the 4S, for the rear.

Horwitz also says that the device will be about 1mm thicker to be able to accommodate all the parts that Apple is adding, not to mention the rumored HD Retina display. He also said that the device is rumored to be just a slight redesign for the exterior and not a massive overhaul, like what is expected for the next iPhone.  The iPad 3 might have a similar release date to that of the iPad 2, which was released in Early March, but that is still up in the air.

Now this is pure speculation, but with Apple’s upcoming event, the one that is suppose to cover education and publishing, wouldn’t it be a big surprise to unveil the iPad 3 there? After all, what are all these college text books and other publish details going to be used on? Mostly likely an iPad right? Then we could presumably see the release on Steve Jobs birthday, like many rumors have suggested. Just a thought.

Sources: Jeremy Horwitz and 9to5Mac



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