Internet Explorer 9 – A more beautiful web is… (Video)

Posted on Mar 14 2012 - 6:04pm by Mike Wewerka

A more beautiful web is many things, and with the new Internet Explorer, you can experience it all. Microsoft’s IE9 or Internet Explorer 9, is looking to position itself as the “superior” browser, above Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox. In this new commercial shot by Keith Rivers (and the song “Too Close” by Alex Clare),  customers can see the difference, or beauty, for themselves. The address bar now changes to distinct look of the site a user is visiting, a completely integrated design for a better browsing experience.

Microsoft has taken the browsing experience to the next level, with features and a design clearly inspired by its Metro UI (the look for Windows Phone and Window 8), not only are they looking to unify their branding, they are looking to make things easier, faster and better.

Once you’ve checked the video out, head over to to learn more about Internet Explorer 9.