HTC Zeta Rumor

Posted on Nov 16 2011 - 12:51pm by Doug Puccetti

HTC is at it again. First we heard about the HTC Edge a few weeks ago, last week we heard about the HTC Ville. Now HTC has another phone in the works, the HTC Zeta. But will this just remain a rumor? Engadget updated their article about the HTC Zeta after some research:

Update: In our digging since this article was posted, we’re confident that this is just simply a cool concept and not an actual device in the works.

If the Zeta is really in the works, you can expect it to have a 4.5 inch 720p HD display, 2.5GHz quad-core ‘next-gen’ Snapdragon processor with 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera with dual LED flash and 1.3MP front facing camera. The device will also have 32GB of internal storage space and an 1,830mAh battery. The HTC Vile will also come with Beats Audio. Phone Arena reports:

Any phone using the next generation Snapdragon chipset would come with the new Adreno 225 GPU that is said to bring a 4x improvement in graphics performance. The chipset will also be built on the new 28nm die process, resulting in energy savings of up to 75% over current chipsets.

For anyone with a smart phone you know this is significant improvement. In both video quality and energy savings which hopefully brings longer battery life.

Source: Engadget, Phone Arena