HTC Runnymede specs revealed showing off a 4.7″ display

Posted on Aug 31 2011 - 9:41am by Mike Wewerka

You’ve got to love it when a new device is leaked well before its intended release, especially when it comes packed full of specs. Today’s device is another HTC device, codednamed “Runnymede.” This device, appears to be on the lower end of the high-end spectrum. While we don’t have any pictures to go with the specs, we’ll just have to speculate and assume it look like the EVO 3D or Sensation, since HTC has a trend lately of making their devices uniform, of course the back could be unique.

Much like the rumored Vigor, the Runnymede is also rumored to use the new relationship with Dr. Dre and Beats technology. So here are the rumored specs thus far:

- Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
- 4.7-inch, 480×800 display
- 1.5GHz single-core MSM8255 (same CPU as Flyer)
- 768MB of RAM / 16GB of storage
- Eight-megapixel / 720p rear-camera with dual flashes & 1.3-megapixel front-facing webcam
- under 10 millimeters thick
- Sense 3.5
- Bundled Beats headphones (not earphones)

Obviously, the biggest disappointment would be the use of the single-core processor, which is why I said it would be on the lower end of the high end devices. The other disappointment would be the low resolution for a display that is 4.7″ (480 x 800). So far the biggest selling points would be the bundled Beats headphones and the Eight megapixel camera. The camera on this phone is looking like the camera to beat with a backlit sensor (think iPhone 4) with a 28mm wide-angle lens and focal ratio of f/2.2, which is larger than the iPhone 4′s f/2.8. The camera is also rumored to have the ability to shoot at 60 fps.

While we have a few months until this phone ships (rumored for the holidays), we could see a boost in processor speed, which would be nice considering the competition at the end of this year, from the Nexus, iPhone 5, HTC’s own Vigor, Samsung’s Galaxy S II devices, Motorola’s Bionic and if Nokia can pull it off, their first Windows Phone 7 device. The holidays are sure to be sweet, but who will get your money and loyalty for 2 years?