HTC already working an EVO 4G LTE variant with 3D capabilities? (Video)

Posted on Apr 5 2012 - 4:19pm by Mike Wewerka

It looks like HTC either accidentally or verlycleverly leaked a prototype of the latest EVO 4G LTE, but with dual cameras, for 3D picture taking. The Taiwanese smartphone maker released a video, showing the design process of the latest EVO 4G LTE and it’s anodized aluminum design. But at :24 secs in, the camera passes over a few prototype EVO devices, only to show one with dual-cameras and a dual LED flash, like the image in the header above. This was picked up by T.C. Sottek over at The Verge, and we agree with his sentiments, that this could just be merely a prototype, but that we could potentially see an updated EVO 3D LTE device in the near future.

Just the thought of an HD 3D display with LTE, with dual 8-megapixel Photosense cameras and perhaps if they wait, they can actually get the Tegra 3 chip with LTE, now there’s an next generation device.

In the meantime, check out the video (Reminder, pay attention at around :23-24 seconds.)