Google’s Android hits 3.7 million activations on Christmas Day!

Posted on Dec 28 2011 - 11:13am by Mike Wewerka

Ok Android fans, got your brag hats on? Remember yesterday when it was reported that Christmas saw an increase in iOS and Android activations by 353%. A more specific number was 6.8 million of which 3.7 million happened to be Android devices. This number comes from Android head honcho, Andy Rubin via a tweet he sent out.

andy rubin tweet1 Googles Android hits 3.7 million activations on Christmas Day!
That 6.8 million number is a massive jump compared to last years 2.8 million devices. Don’t worry Apple fans, if Android had 3.7 million activations, that means iOS had 3.1 million. Now here is where Apple has a slight advantage. While Android as a whole did better, that 3.7 million activations is spread across multiple OEM’s like HTC, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. While Apple’s 3.1 million activations is all for Apple. So in essence, Apple only did only 600,000 less activations than every Android OEM combined. That in and of it self is impressive.

Either way, both parties enjoyed a very strong holiday in terms of sales while competitors like RIM and Microsoft didn’t come close to their numbers. As we head into 2012, it’s quickly becoming a 2 horse race.