Google updates Android Market, rebrands it as Google Play to serve all digital content

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 1:28pm by Mike Wewerka

Hot off the heels of Google’s announcement of boosting the maximum app size allowed on the Android Market, from 50MB to a whooping 4GB, Google has now unleashed a new (slightly) re-branded Market, dubbed, Google Play. This new re-branded market will begin to replace the existing market and will become the home to all of Google’s purchasable digital content; like books, music, videos/TV and apps. As Google calls it, “…it’s an evolution of the Android Market.”

For many, the change will be instant and they won’t even notice, others with a keen eye will notice a new logo that will eventually replace the shopping bag on your Android device. For devices running Android 2.2, the roll out will take a few days.

With the Play Store, Google can now market its services to people who don’t own an Android device, but simply want to consume the content on their PC’s, Google Play is a step beyond just Android, but could act as a “gateway” to the little green robot.s

Buy combining all of its services together, Google hopes to combat Apple’s iCloud and iTunes match service, Google even offers its customer free cloud storage for their music, up to 20,000 songs. In fact, this week Google has some great pricing on content to celebrate the launch of Google Play.

There have been reports recently that within Google’s walls, the mood is somber when it comes to the Google music store, which apparently continues to hemorrhage members week after week, despite a “free song a day” and cheap album pricing. Will this remodeled market be what Google needs to save the day or does Apple’s death grip (ie. iTunes) have to much of a lead?

Check out the updated market, or store, at