Google TV to get Honeycomb and Android Market in an update next week

Posted on Oct 28 2011 - 3:35pm by Mike Wewerka
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Next week Google is going to be sending out an update to Google TV owners, it will hit the Sony devices first, followed by the Logitech revue devices shortly after that. As for what the update will bring, well how Android 3.1, aka Honeycomb. With the Honeycomb update, Google says the overall experience of Google TV will much easier on the end-user, meaning it won’t be as complicated to use. They’ve even gone as far to make a Movies & TV app which will tell the user browse through different categories in order to find what they want to watch.

YouTube has also been revamped specifically for Google TV and will let users view videos in the best format possible. The search functionality has also been greatly improved, so finding videos you’ve heard about will be easier to find.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the new update is the Android Market. Google has been working with over 50 developers to bring some great apps to Google TV, such as twitter and more. While the new update will have the market, it won’t be quite like the Phone or Tablet market just yet. Obviously, a TV screen is much bigger and so developers will have to utilize that and make updates to the apps to make sure they work.

All in all, a pretty hefty update that looks promising, will it be enough to make people try it out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Engadget