Google planning to release glasses with HUD later this year for $250 – $600

Posted on Feb 22 2012 - 1:05pm by Mike Wewerka
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Rumors have been swirling like a maelstrom that Google is planning to bring a pair of glasses to the market with a building in HUD (heads-up display). This display would allow for users (or wearers) to get live, real-time updates directly on the lens. These will be the worlds first “smart-glasses” and while they may seem very futuristic, apparently Google has been developing these for quite some time.

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll hear different tales on what these rumored “specs” will look like, with one 9to5Google writer saying that may even resemble a pair of Oakley’s own Thump MP3 glasses. Unlike the Oakley’s headgear, Google’s will do more than just provide music to your ears. Rumors suggest that the glasses will run on Android and even have a built in camera that can offer Alternate Reality game/info.

Apparently, Google isn’t expecting these glasses to be a massive success, as they are simply a test for something bigger in the future. To that I say, thank god. I honestly can’t imagine people actually wearing these. Hell, I don’t even see people wearing Oakley’s ridiculous headphone glasses. What if you are walking somewhere, say in the New York City, crossing the screen and all of a sudden your HUD display goes off, showing you two text messages, a Facebook update and the restaurant 100 feet from you is having a hoagie sale? You might fall, trip, run into someone or even worse, get hit by a car. There is obviously going to be some safety and especially privacy issues that will arise from these, so get ready.

Plus, who’s going to spend $600 dollars on a pair of glasses that make you look like your walking around in a science-fiction book? I’m sure there are going to be some “early adopters” that just have to have it, but for the most part, average consumers will not be picking these up.