Google Nexus S comes to AT&T on July 24th

Posted on Jul 21 2011 - 11:18am by Mike Wewerka

Google has officially announced via twitter (@googlenexus) that the Nexus S will be available on AT&T  exclusively at Best Buy starting on July 24th (aka this weekend).

If you want to guarantee yourself one on release day, pre-orders are now open at or in stores today.

About the Nexus S:

Nexus S runs Android 2.3 and features a 4” Super AMOLED screen, a 1 GHz processor for showing 3D graphics, front and rear facing cameras and support for NFC. It also features the latest Google mobile apps, including Google Earth, Google Maps with Navigation, Google Talk with video chat, Google Voice and Voice Actions, as well as access to more than 250,000 apps in Android Market.

*Note: No word on if AT&T is going to monitor the “tethering” feature that I use on my Nexus S 4G at Sprint (and don’t get charged for).  Also it does not appear that this version of the Nexus S is using 4G like the variant on Sprint.