Google Artist/Engineer posts possible “Key Lime Pie” Android tease

Posted on Dec 3 2012 - 11:14pm by Mike Wewerka

Even prior to Google officially confirming Jelly Bean as Android 4.1, rumors had begun to swirl about the next version of Android and that it would be named Key Lime Pie. If you’re somewhat new to the Android world, Google has been naming its Android versions after “sweet” treats, starting with Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and mostly recently, Jelly Bean.

While Key Lime Pie has been a rumor formed by fans of the OS, it seems that some of those inside Google have been listening. Manu Cornet, who is a cartoonist and software engineer at Google, decided to create an “evolutionary” drawing of Android’s roots. Showing “Andy” the Android growing through “versions,” but it’s the latest version that’s the most curious, as Cornet has drawn Andy holding a piece of what else… Key Lime Pie. Manu commented to a user on his official Google+ page, that this drawing was “just for fun” and folks shouldn’t read into it too much, he thinks. See his post below:

Screen Shot 2012 12 03 at 11.08.04 PM Google Artist/Engineer posts possible Key Lime Pie Android tease

Whether or not Key Lime Pie will be the official name of the next version of Android remains to be seen, but this drawing does show that folks within Google are listening to the rumors and possible suggestions from the Android community.

Source: Google+