Facebook updates their app for the new iPad’s Retina display

Posted on Apr 2 2012 - 12:22pm by Mike Wewerka

facebook retina update 580x295 Facebook updates their app for the new iPads Retina display

We reported last week, that a MacRumors reader from the UK sent in a screenshot from his iPad that showed the Facebook app in the highlighted section mentioning that it had been “enchanced” for the Retina display. Obviously that was pulled and we didn’t hear anything out of Facebook or Apple. That is until today…

Facebook has officially updated their app to utilize the new Retina display on the iPad, claiming “you’ll see a crisp, high resolution interface.” Aside from the updated UI, Facebook also squashed a few bugs and added small features like the ability to change your language to Czech, Danish, Greek and a few others.

Since the Facebook app is universal, you’ll get the update on your iPhone and iPod Touch as well. The update is currently available in the Apple App Store.