Exclusive: Sprint’s Reward Me Plus NOT for customers, for employees and dealers only

Posted on Sep 1 2011 - 11:33am by Mike Wewerka
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As we reported yesterday, Android Central came across a program that seemed to good to be true. Sadly, it is to good, we just confirmed with a Sprint source that the “Reward Me Plus” program is not for customers. The new program is for Sprint Retail employees and Authorized retailer employees. While I’m sure all Sprint customers would love to get a new device every 6 months to stay up to date, Sprint would lose to much money on the subsidize phones.

If you still want to be able to get an upgrade at least every year, you need to become a Sprint Gold Premier member, by being a member for 10 years or more, or by spending over a certain dollar amount before taxes on your account. There is a price for single and family plans you need to reach, Sprint’s website has more info.

Anyway, looks like right now is a good time to be a Sprint employee.

Thanks to our Source for the info!