Exclusive: HTC has Gingerbread already?

Posted on Nov 9 2010 - 7:21pm by Mike Wewerka

Ok, so we received an email from what appears to be an HTC employee who sent us a blurry paystub minus his wages, taxes and personal info and last name. Now this could be a fake and I’m reporting this as a rumor only, but his information is interesting non-the-less.

He goes on say that HTC has already received Gingerbread and has had it for quite some time. He said “a” (as he wrote it) team has been working on implementing it so that it could be released to their handsets soon after the official launch from Google. He confirmed that the Nexus One would be the first handset to receive the update before other manufactures. He said he is not sure if other companies have received the developers update like they have or not but said that he believes the HTC EVO would again beat its competitors to the punch by having Gingerbread first much like Froyo.

He goes on to say that “they” have been toying with the notion of allowing the user to run stock Gingerbread as well as the updated Sense UI, which they are going to pack together. A, 1 – 2 punch, he said.

He said most of the new phones they’ve release will be receiving the gingerbread update periodically, although, the new G2 is having some issues as the processor is not to the standards Google has set (1ghz minimum) but they are still trying for the time being but would not confirm it as a definite.

Google has apparently made it easier for developers/manufactures to work in their own custom UI’s which should allow for a faster turnaround time after it’s officially released.

As for a date of release, he said to expect the EVO to be updated before Christmas if all goes well with testing.

So there you have it. I’m reporting this as a rumor as I’ve never seen a real HTC paystub and don’t want to report this as confirmed truth. But it looked real in the photo and well there doesn’t really seem to be much information that seems outlandish.

Take it with a grain of salt and cross your fingers. As an EVO owner my self I hope this is indeed true.