European Union antitrust regulators give Google the go ahead in Motorola buyout

Posted on Feb 13 2012 - 2:16pm by Mike Wewerka

Google has apparently cleared another hurdle in its attempt to purchase Motorola Mobility as Europe’s Union of Antitrust Regulators have  given the Mountain View company the “okay.”  In fact, E.U. competition commissioner, Joaquin Alumnia, didn’t even place an formal condition on Google before approving the action. Although Alumnia did says that going forward, if Google violates any E.U. antitrust law, that they would be watching.

Google has yet to be given the go ahead here in the States from the Department of Defense, but with this victory and the U.S. would be more than likely to pass it as well, seeing how the U.S. and E.U.  work closely together.

The biggest concern for both organizations revolves around intellectual properties and how Google will use them upon the merger’s completion. The E.U. wants fair use and Google has already issued a statement on how they would handle such violations, by putting a cap on how much they would charge others for patent violations, that being no more that 2.25% of each device sold.

With this announcement, we fully expect to hear the Department of Justice’s decision in the next week or two.