[Editorial] The Patent Wars: How fans of Apple and Android react stupidly

Posted on Dec 30 2011 - 7:01pm by Mike Wewerka
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When I founded this site over a year and half ago, I said it then and I’ll say again, I don’t understand why some people insist on hating Apple or Android. Hell, I even made a shirt about it. I just can’t figure out why there is so much hatred between the loyalists. You’d think from the way people act that the company they hate, has personally offended them or someone they love. These are companies who make electronics and software folks, they aim to please consumers, not incite them to hate their competitors.

Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the issue, the patent wars. Last time I checked, it was the corporations fighting to defend their patents, not the fans. For instance, and this is only an example, when let’s say Company A goes after Company B for infringing on one of A’s patents, the fans of B become enraged. Honestly folks, it’s not your place to get ticked off. If company A was “officially” granted a patent for something, then yes, they have a legitimate right to sue the violating party.

Let me dumb this down a bit, let’s say your are in 6th grade and you had a science experiment to do for school. Your project is to create a solar system. At the same time, another student is working on their own solar system, they see your finished piece and loved how you designed your Saturn and how you used fishing line to make the rings appear as if they are floating. In your school’s history, this had never been done before. Your teacher raved about your project and when it came time for the other student to go, he said he forgot his, but will bring it in tomorrow. The next day comes and this student comes in with a bigger solar system than yours, but he used the same method on Saturn as you. Basically coping what you did and making it bigger. How would you feel? Put yourself in those shoes, you worked really hard on something, perfected it, only to have someone else come along and steal your idea and get credit for it.

What I’m trying to say here folks is that when a company like Apple, Google, HTC, Samsung, LG or whomever, spends time and resources on something that is unique and innovative and is granted a patent for it, they have every right to go after those companies who steal it. If your a fan of the company being sued, why do you get all pissed off at the company suing them? All they are doing is trying to protect assets which belong to them.

What sparked this whole rant were comments I read on another site. The post was referring to Apple filing for a facial recognition and presence patent. This site is pro-android, so as you can imagine, the fans of the site went off on a tirade because they claimed Apple was copying from Google and that Apple sucks and that some of them were going to sell the Apple belongings because this was a new low (which is complete horse shit, they just want people to think they are even angrier). Yet, the fact of the matter is this, Apple filed for that patent in June of this year, well before Google even announced that the feature would be used in Android 4.0. The other thing was that Google didn’t even buy the company who’s facial recognition software they used in Android 4.0, until July! So who’s really at fault? NO ONE, yes, no one! The fact that Apple filed for a patent means nothing! They haven’t been awarded a patent yet, they aren’t suing anyone (yet) and just because Google’s Android 4.0 has it live and functioning doesn’t mean that Apple didn’t have a working version first and hence filed for it first. It just seems that when a group of fans (Apple or Android hardcore loyalists) has the chance to pounce on a company for some reason, they do it without just cause.

I’m not saying Apple’s a saint either, they’ve violated other companies patents and had to pay up. In those cases, Apple fans have no right to hate on HTC, Motorola or any other company who’s suing them. If a company does something wrong, they should have to own up to it. Just because your favorite is the one on the wrong end, doesn’t mean you need to hate the suing party. Why not just own up to the fact that the one you like did something they shouldn’t have, be it by accident or on purpose, it doesn’t matter.

I realize I probably wasted my time writing this because unless you are like me, who appreciates both Apple and Android, buys products from both and supports both, you’re not going to see the light. You’re going to continue to hate the other side. But I ask you, for what reason? I’d really love to know why Apple fans hate Android fans and vice versa. Unless you’re Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Sergey Bring, Larry Page or Eric Schmidt, the people that have founded these companies and are fighting for their place in the market, why do you care? Just sit back and enjoy the best position to be in….that of a consumer. Buy what you like, give other stuff a chance and stop bickering already. Unless Tim Cook or Eric Schmidt comes over to your house and personally asks to borrow your smartphone or tablet and then throws it on the ground shattering the screen and then points at you while laughing and then runs away… you have no reason to hate the other company.

Please understand, I’m not saying you can’t have freedom of choice and can’t enjoy one more than the other, maybe you don’t like a certain companies products, buy why the complete hatred towards other people that do? Answer me that!