Editorial: How Motorola’s Customer Service ruined my Moto X experience

Posted on Dec 19 2013 - 2:51pm by Mike Wewerka

moto x ads 580x351 Editorial: How Motorolas Customer Service ruined my Moto X experience

Let me preface this by saying that this is both a legitimate post and rant about my experience—and that of my wife—with the Motorola Moto X and Motorola’s customer service.

First off, Motorola’s customer support is garbage and I mean absolute garbage. Here are some statistics of my experience, 2 Weeks, 3 Representatives, 3 promised RMA’s, and a promised email/phone contact from a senior support staff that never came and a question that blew my mind. So what happened to prompt all this negativity? Before I get there, I have to say that I owned a Verizon Moto X, in black and sold it about a month ago to switch to AT&T prepaid because I wanted to pick up a Nexus 5. The Moto X itself is a great device and a pleasure to use, when it works. So what went wrong you ask? Allow me to break it down.

My wife also has a Moto X, this was her first taste of Android. Despite all the phones I test and bring home, she never liked Android—be it, because it was to different or difficult, too many layers to find simply things,—she has always been an iPhone girl. But when she saw me talking up the Moto X, she said, maybe it was time for a change and that the iPhone 5′s screen was just to small for her. So, like any good husband, I got her the Moto X and for about 2 weeks, she was happy. It was new, it had a bigger display, it was fast, she loved Google Now and the active notifications, blah, blah, blah. About 2 and half weeks in she comes to me and says my headphones aren’t working. So I took a look and what I found was odd, if I pushed the headphone jack into the port all the way, so it clicks, and played audio, it came out the back speaker, but in chucks, very distorted and sounded like a bad audio recording that skipped. I thought, maybe she had lint down there, so I check and it was clear. Tried four different sets of headphones, nothing. So I did a clean factory reboot and yet the problem persisted. I searched online, no on else had this problem…. soooo, it was time to venture to AT&T to see what they said.

I went to my local AT&T store (waited 25 mins) and after showing them the issue, in person, they said that I needed to call AT&T Technical Support and report the issue. Soooo, I walked to my car, dialed 611 and got on the phone with a representative in technical support. She was fantastic, polite, spoke clearly and even had me download an assist app, that allowed her to take control of my phone from her location, it was very cool. After reviewing the device, she said it’s nothing in the software. That they’ll go ahead and replace it. Great! But there was only one snag, my wife’s Moto X was customized via MotoMaker. The AT&T rep said they can only do warranty work or replacements on the black and white units they sell in stores and that I’d have to call Motorola and speak with someone in the MotoMaker support division. This is where my experience took a severe downturn.

I called Motorola about two weeks ago and spent another 15 minutes describing the problem all over again. This first gentleman was rather polite and said that he would issue what’s called an RMA Return slip. Basically, that’s fancy talk for a pre-paid shipping slip that I take to FedEx, along with the phone and they’ll box it up and ship it out at no cost to me. Then once Motorola receives the Moto X back, they would then issue me a free “redemption code” that I would enter into MotoMaker and create a new replacement phone for free. I was satisfied with the solution and gave him all my wife’s information like her serial number for the Moto X and all the other pertinent information.

Three days later, I still never saw the return slip, but I chalked it up to the whole concept of “processing the return.” A week went by and my wife was still complaining of her headphones not working—which for her, is a big deal, she uses them all day at work. So I called again and got a female this time. I tried to get through to her the same issue, but because I wasn’t given a conformation number from the first call, she had no way of looking it up. So I gave her my wife’s email (@me.com, she was an iPhone user), then my wife’s Gmail (which she only uses for the Android device), then my email, the serial number, the model number,  and even order number—WHY DON’T THEY HAVE THAT… THEY SHIPPED IT!!! Finally, she somehow figured it out. She said that an order was already processed for that RMA but the email address was missing the “L” on Gmail and it was never sent. She told me she fixed it and that it would be sent. I said fine, sighed and hung-up.

Two more days go by and no RMA. I call again and got another employee, who also couldn’t find the her order or even that the previous conversations had even taken place until he looked deep enough—for 15 mins—all while telling me that “I’ll need more of your time, Sir.” My patience was growing thin and then he says to me, could you tell me what the problem was again, so that I can issue you a new RMA. Steam should have been pouring out of my ears at this point… I then explained the whole thing again—THEN HE PROCEEDED TO ASK ME THE MOST RIDICULOUS QUESTION A MOTOROLA EMPLOYEE COULD HAVE ASKED—he said, and I quote, “Have you had this phone for more than a year!?!?!” Have I, or in this case, my wife, had this MOTO X for more than a YEAR?? I went silent for a second, waiting, hoping that the stupid-ness of his question would sink into his brain. But alas, it did not. So I flipped out. I said, “What? It’s a Moto X, it’s only been out on the market for a little over 2 months, if that. How could I have had this phone for more than a year? Do you even know what phone I’m calling about? You work in the “MOTO MAKER” support division, how do you not know this?? He was silent for about 10 seconds, then apologized.

At this point I had lost all patience, and laid it out for him.

“It’s been damn near two weeks since I first called about this issue, all I want to do is send this phone back and get a new one. How can it take two weeks for you all to process and make a pre-paid shipping slip? Let alone do it three times and never email it to me?? This is absolutely insane.!”

He again, apologized, but I can sense he was frustrated—good, now he knows about 1/10 of what I’m feeling—so he said I’m going to escalate this to our “Senior” staff and have someone call or email you. I said fine, I gave him my email and phone number. I verified twice that he understood and wrote them down correctly, as they apparently don’t speak English very well, I then asked for the confirmation number of this issue—finally.

Two days later... (It’s beginning to look like a Spongebob episode (if you have kids, or like watching Spongebob, you’d understand))

Nothing, no call, no email, nothing in my spam box…zip, zilch, notta. So much for faith in supervisors and senior level support.

So here I sit, nothing going forward, my wife’s phone is still not getting fixed, her frustrations are going even more and she’s even contemplated going back to her iPhone 5. She loves the Moto X, again, when it worked. All she wants is to send it back and get a replacement and for some reason, we just can’t get a piece of paper to ship it back. I can only imagine the nightmare that will be getting her a redemption code.

This type of customer support is embarrassing and I can’t believe that after 3 attempts at calling, I still can’t get it done. So I’ve written this post, I’ll tweet it out and see if Motorola is willing to right this wrong and fix this situation. Here’s hoping…

  • Richard Garwood

    Worst (WORST) customer service ever! God help you if you want a refund! After 7 weeks after I returned my phone my entire amount Still hasn’t been refunded! I’m just so frustrated that I’m taking my emails sent from Motorola to my States attorney generals office and I’m going to let them deal with them. The reason I returned my phone was 100% because of customer service, GEESH!