Done deal, Nuance buys Swype for $102.5 million

Posted on Oct 7 2011 - 9:38am by Mike Wewerka
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Late last night we brought you a story that claimed Nuance was looking to purchase Swype, while neither company confirmed talks had taken place, we trusted Mike Arrington and as it turns out, he was right. Reuters reports this morning that Nuance has made the deal, for 102.5 million dollars. Swype was founded by Cliff Kushler, who has experience already being purchased by Nuance. Back in 2007, Kushler co-founded Tegic Communication, the company that created the T9 Predictive software, it too was purchased by Nuance, so this is old hat to Kushler.

As for Nuance, this is their fouth purchase this year, in August, they bought Telecom Italia’s Loquendo for 74.66 million.

Nuance has already paid 77.5 million to Swype shareholders and will pay the remaining amount over the next 18 months after the deal is finalized.

Source: Reuters