Digg and Milk Inc founder, Kevin Rose to join Google

Posted on Mar 15 2012 - 2:24pm by Mike Wewerka

According to the Wall Street Journal, tech entrepreneur, Kevin Rose, who help found Milk Inc. and Revision3, home of Diggnation, is set to join Google. While we don’t know what role Rose will play at Google, it is possible that he could join or even take over Google+. Rose has well over a 1 million followers on twitter, so he is no stranger to social networking and having run Revision3 for a while, he has leadership skills.

As for his other responsibilities, Rose’s Milk, will shut down their first app, Oink, on March 31st and Rose ended his Diggnation show officially back in December. This story of joining Google has to make some wonder, how long have these plans been in the works? The fact that Rose would end a very popular web show and now shut down an App for his company, that has only been available for 5 months, seems awfully suspicious.

Another odd thing to consider, while Rose has always been a technology first kind of guy, he has always been open about his love for Apple above all others, even breaking a few stories when it would pertain to details on upcoming products. So how does this switch to the “competitor” work out for Rose in the end. I would say a nice hefty paycheck.

We should hear something soon, if this is all true, and then I guess we’ll find out Rose’s new position within the Mountain View search giant.

Source: Wall Street Journal