Did the 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note just pass through FCC for AT&T?

Posted on Dec 7 2011 - 9:52am by Mike Wewerka
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gal note 2 550x412 Did the 5 inch Samsung Galaxy Note just pass through FCC for AT&T?

I think Samsung’s new motto should be, “Never say Never.” When the Galaxy Note was shown off in Europe a few months back, the Samsung PR person said that it was a European-only device. Yet, here we are and the Galaxy Note has made its way through the FCC for a North American release. To be more specific, the radios packed into the 5-inch device are those found on AT&T, that being said, those same radios are also used by certain carriers in the Great White North, aka Canada.

So even if the device doesn’t make its way to the States directly, it could be imported and have a SIM card from AT&T inserted and boom, you’re off and running on AT&T’s 3G bands. Anyone out there want this 5-inch high-resolution device, or is 5-inches just to big?

Source: Engadget