Did Best Buy inadvertently list the Nokia Lumia 920 for $149, then pull it?

Posted on Oct 22 2012 - 10:20am by Mike Wewerka
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If you’ve been waiting on more concrete information when it comes to the Lumia 920 by Nokia, especially when it concerns the price, it appears as though we may have a price thanks to a potential slip up by nationwide electronics retailer Best Buy.

Yesterday, it was reported that Best Buy had listed the Lumia 920 for AT&T for pre-order with a price tag of only $149.99 on contract and $599 with no contract. While it’s not a cheap as the Windows Phone 8X by HTC—which is pre-ordering for only $99—it does have some slightly better features and specs.

We can confirm that Best Buy did list the Lumia 920 for pre-order yesterday, as a good friend of mine began his pre-order online, left the device in his shopping cart, but decided to go down to his local store to pre-order instead. In that short period of time, Best Buy had removed the Nokia Lumia 920 from their website—and his shopping cart—and would not let him pre-order in the store.

So the question remains, did Best Buy inadvertently list the Nokia Lumia 920 and if so, was the $149 price tag correct? If it is, is this a smart move by Nokia? We know that the Finnish company is struggling right now, with another $1+ billion dollar loss for the third quarter, they desperately need a success. But with the Lumia 920 priced $50 more their its last attempt—the Lumia 900 (which retailed for $99)—one must question their decision. Windows Phone is still struggling to catch on and with the Windows Phone 8X selling for only $99 and the fact that it looks very similar to the Nokia Lumia 920, it may hurt Nokia’s sales, maybe not with “techies,” but with casual consumers who may not notice a difference other than a cool $50.

When a price does become official, we’ll be sure to let you know, but with this recent slip up, we’d expect AT&T to announce something very soon, if not today.

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