comScore: Apple and Android continue to grow, BlackBerry and Windows Phone fall

Posted on May 1 2012 - 11:03pm by Mike Wewerka

ComScore Manufacturer Samsung Apple comScore: Apple and Android continue to grow, BlackBerry and Windows Phone fall

Online web traffic and reporting site, comScore, just wrapped up a new 3-month study in March, which details devices used by mobile subscribers in the U.S. Coming in first, which is no real surprise, is Samsung with 26.%, followed by LG with 19.3% and rounding out the top three, is of course Apple with 14%. While Samsung’s position isn’t surprising, LG’s certainly is, I guess it goes to show how many people take advantage of all those “free” (on contract) phones. What’s impressive is Apple’s third place showing, while 14% may not sound as impressive as Samsung’s 26%, keep in mind this report includes not only smartphones, but feature phones too. Seeing how Apple doesn’t sell any feature phones and only has 3 smartphones available, compared to the dozen or so Samsung and LG smartphones (plus all their feature phones), not to mention Apple’s only on 3 of the largest carriers in the States, it’s quite impressive. In the three months since the last report, Apple grew 1.6 points, while Samsung grew by only 0.7 and LG actually dropped down -0.7.

Motorola and HTC finished off the top five, with Motorola down -0.5 and HTC down -0.2, it’s really beginning to look like a race between Samsung and Apple in the U.S.

 comScore: Apple and Android continue to grow, BlackBerry and Windows Phone fall

As far as platforms go, Android is still king of the hill, with 51% of the smartphone market, while Apple remains in a strong second position with 30%. Once again, not to toot Apple’s horn, but when you consider the fact they only sell 3 devices, compared to over 30-40+ Android devices on the market, it really is astounding. The other competing platforms didn’t fare as well, with RIM and Microsoft losing marketshare and Nokia’s Symbian, somehow remaining even.

The reason for RIM’s decline is painfully obvious, but Microsoft’s Windows Phone is a bit more puzzling. It already has a low percentage of marketshare, you’d think it could only go up, yet it continues to decline. This could have something to do with the lack of apps or marketing, but seeing how this study ended in March, it didn’t factor in the release of the Nokia 900, so perhaps we’ll see a little increase in the next three month study.

In any event, it’s clear this is a battle between Android and iOS, more specifically, Samsung and Apple. With Samsung preparing the arrival of the Galaxy S III this week and Apple’s re-designed iPhone coming later this year, the battle is only heating up.

Source: comScore