Bluetooth File Transfer now Available to Fully-Unlocked Windows Phones

Posted on Feb 23 2012 - 10:21pm by Doug Puccetti

Windows is recently starting to make many advancements in the mobile industry. With the release of some nice new Windows 7.5 phones, Windows 8 Consumer Preview right around the corner and a growing app market, Windows is starting to step their feet on the ground when it comes to mobile technology. One of the recent applications developed by the Dark Forces Team (DFT) is an application that allows Windows Phone users to transfer files and applications to another windows device through the ease of a Bluetooth connection.

The catch? You need a ‘Fully-unlocked’ device, meaning you cant download the unlocked ROM from Microsoft or even an interop unlock. You’ll need to download a ‘Fully-unlocked’ ROM from DFT, for example(kind of like you would do downloading a ROM from Cyanogen for a rooted android device).

Again we are seeing more and more options open up for Windows Phone. I’m excited to see what their future has in store.

Source and Image: WPCentral