Best Buy to hire half as many temporary employees this holiday season, other retailers to follow suit?

Posted on Sep 28 2011 - 2:07pm by Mike Wewerka
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According to a report by Reuters, electronic retail giant, Best Buy, won’t be hiring the amount of temporary holiday staff like it has in the past. In fact, it plans to hire “half” of what it did last year, 15,000 compared to 29,000 in 2010. The report goes on to stay that Best Buy is not the only retailer looking to cut back on holiday staff this year, consulting firm, Hay Group, says that 25% of major U.S. retails plan to hire less.

“The consumer is being really careful about where he or she is spending the dollars, and I think that will continue through the holidays,” Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn

Could this be due to the downturn in the economy or is it that more and more people are looking to the internet and online shopping to get their gifts this year? With the option to buy online, customers can get better prices, free shipping, all from the comfort of their home without standing in long lines and dealing with annoying people and crazy parking lots.

Despite the economy, people are still buying expensive things and Best Buy’s Dunn expects the iPhone 5 and other phones and tablets to sell really well, so I’m going with the online shopping as the major reason for this decision.

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