Best Buy and select Best Buy Mobile locations being to sell Microsoft Surface today at 2 pm

Posted on Dec 12 2012 - 10:11am by Mike Wewerka
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Well, it looks like the rumors of a Surface retail expansion were somewhat correct. We reported on a rumor a week or two ago, that suggested that Microsoft was looking to expand their retail presence with their tablet, the Surface. The original rumor suggested that the Surface would expand over seas first and in countries where Microsoft didn’t have their own brick and mortar stores, with companies like Best Buy and Staples following up in early 2013.

Well, the part that’s true, is that Microsoft did expand their retail plans for the Surface and Best Buy is going to carry it. However it won’t be in 2013, Best Buy will start selling the tablet today, at 2 pm PST to be specific. In fact, it isn’t just Best Buy who is getting in on the Surface action, Staples will also begin to carry the tablet from Microsoft, possible at some point today.

So why did the Surface roll out sooner than later? Microsoft says that retailers played a big part, expressing a high level of interest in the carrying the Surface.

The Surface RT tablet makes its official debut at Best Buy today.

Microsoft’s Surface will be available for sale at Best Buy’s Web site today starting at 2 p.m. PT. The device will then make it way to Best Buy retail outlets and select Best Buy Mobile stores this Sunday, December 16.

Unfortunately, Microsoft still hasn’t reveal hard sales numbers for the Surface yet, perhaps they are hoping for a strong holiday shopping season, before having to answer to stock investors next year. Now that the Surface’s availability has expanded, are any of you looking to pick one up?