Barnes and Noble to launch Nook Simple Touch with “Glowlight”

Posted on Apr 12 2012 - 11:08am by Mike Wewerka

While it may not be “color” e-Ink, Barnes and Noble believes they have the next best thing. You see, since day one, when e-readers hit the market with e-Ink, the biggest problem was that when it was dark, much like real books, you couldn’t seen the words on the page, or in this case, the display. Sure color e-Ink would get rid of the monochromatic display, but even they would still suffer from the same problem, they aren’t backlit.

B&N has apparently come up with a way to solve this issue, it’s called Glowlight. Rather than being back lit, with an LED, this new method actual works by being frontlit, meaning there’s a layer “over” the actual e-Ink display, which illuminates the display, making it possible to read in dark, or even pitch black situations.

According to the website, The Digital Reader, B&N are looking to put this technology in their Nook Simple Touch, now marketing it as “now with Glowlight.” The Digital Reader, managed to get a new advertising poster for this new Nook, and they say that they can confirm this new Nook will launch on a Thursday, meaning it could be today, but most likely, it’ll be next week. They weren’t however able to provide a price, but if I were to guess, this device will most likely replace the previous Nook Simple Touch and will probably keep the same price, just a hunch.

The Poster’s below, what do you think? Is this the right move, they certainly have beaten Amazon to the punch, but will it pay off? We shall see…

Nook simple touch glowlight Barnes and Noble to launch Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight