Barnes and Noble sending out invites to a breakfast announcement, Nook Color 2 incoming?

Posted on Oct 31 2011 - 11:44am by Mike Wewerka

As you can clearly see from the above image, Barnes and Noble are about to drop something big on us. The last big announcement was for the new Nook Touch, but we all know the Nook Color is the product that needs an update. With the Amazon Kindle Fire about to drop on November 14th, it looks like B&N is going to “fire” back with new and improved Nook Color. Will it feature the first color e-ink in a production model, as it was rumored some months back or will it be a full fledged 7″ tablet? Unfortunately there has been no leaks on this device, so whatever B&N is planning, they’ve done a great job of cover it up. But you know how things tend to leak a few days before announcement, so stay tuned to and we’ll fill you in when we get more.


Source: AllThingsD