Apple’s iPad 3/HD could launch officially on Friday, March 16th

Posted on Mar 6 2012 - 11:59am by Mike Wewerka

According to a source close to 9to5Mac, who they say has been pretty reliable, Apple is planning to launch their new iPad 3 or HD, the following week, on Friday, March 16th and not the Friday after the event as some sites have speculated. The day itself, Friday, matches up with previous Apple launches, like last years iPad 2, which also released 9 days after the announcement (revealed on March 2nd, went on sale March 11th).

9to5Mac typically does a good job when vetting their sources, last year they correctly reported that the new iPhone would be an upgraded 4 (which turned out to be the 4S), while other sites (like BGR) reported that we’d see a new iPhone 5, with a redesigned body and WiMax which going to arrive on Sprint. So I think it is safe to assume that 9to5Mac might be right. While it all sounds good in theory, tomorrow we’ll know everything. Perhaps Apple may allow pre-orders to begin on Friday, instead of an actual release, something they didn’t do for the iPad 2.