Apple’s HDTV to be called the “iPanel” according to Analyst

Posted on Apr 5 2012 - 12:36pm by Mike Wewerka

When analysts talk, I tend to zone out, but when they try to accurately predict the name of an Apple product, how can you ignore that? It’s either going to right (rarely) or it’s going to be completely wrong and blow up in their own face. I’m going with the latter on this one, but I still feel like we need to at least bring it up.

At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that Apple is going to be making a Television, as for when it’s going to be released, that is still up for debate, with analysts contradicting one another almost every week. We’ve heard everything from July, late 2012 and even next year. Fact is, with Apple, it could be anytime, just look at the rumored 7-inch iPad, still waiting on that bad boy. Up until now, people have referred to this unicorn of a Television as the iTV, but we know that won’t fly. A British television company, of the same name, already owns that name and is willing to fight Apple in court, rather than give it up or make a deal.

Today is different, as we actually have a name to add to this new Television project that Apple’s been working on so secretively, the iPanel. At least that’s what Peter Misek (analyst for Jefferies & Co.) says it will be called. Other than citing the fact that the UK company owns the global right on the name iTV and that a company called Crestron who formally made display products with the name iPanel, but has since stopped and is now focusing on products for Apple, Misek’s only other explanation is that it “sounds” like other Apple products because it has the “iP____” in it’s name.

Misek explains in an email this morning that his conjecture regarding the name derives from the fact that the “iTV” name is owned by the U.K. company of the same name, which has global rights, he says, “and won’t sell them based on recent checks,” although it’s still possible in the end the company could sell to Apple. “They may be just negotiating” at present, but he can’t be sure, he tells me… Moreover, “iPanel” is owned by Crestron, “which discontinued its product line and is focusing more on Apple products to integrate in their system,” he adds. It would be consistent, too, with a naming convention of “iP___” for Apple products.

Wow, what it must be like to get paid to make guesses for a living. Misek does go on to try and prove his “theory” of why “iPanel” is a good name, he says that because it’s more than just a TV.

“this is so much more than a TV…It is a display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, etc. Also, Apple would likely have difficulty getting naming rights from the UK TV network ITV.”

Misek goes on to talk about other details like the display, its manufacturer and other stuff, but this was by far the most interesting part.

Source: 9to5Mac