Apple to begin manufacturing Macs within the USA next year

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 12:00pm by Mike Wewerka
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Are we set to see stickers like those above bundled with the packaging of new Apple products next year? Probably not, as those are the creation of a British shop on the popular website Etsy. However, we will begin to see “Assembled in the USA” on some Macs next year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who took over for the legendary co-founder Steve Jobs prior to his passing last August (2011), spoke with Rock Center’s Brian Williams for his first interview since becoming the chief executive of the world’s most valuable technology company. During the interview, Cook said that they [Apple] will begin to manufacturer (aka assemble) a specific Mac line of computers in the United States next year. As to what model of the Mac, Cook—as usual—played it coy and didn’t go into details, nor did he reveal the location of where these computers would be made.

Cook has been a big supporter of bringing jobs back within the American borders, he says Apple has helped create over 600,000 jobs here in the U.S. Not all of those jobs are directly under Apple’s employment, so while it does include their own employees that work at their campus’s, retail stores and data centers, it also includes R&D within California, third-party app developers, to whom Apple pays out over a billion dollars a year.

In the end, the fact that Apple is moving a Mac production line to the U.S., is big, not only for them, but for the U.S. job market, which has been suffering from about 8-9% unemployment rate. If things go well, hopefully we’ll start to see Apple, as well as other big technology companies, bring more manufacturing back the U.S.

Source: NBC News Rock Center