Apple to adopt Intel’s Lightpeak technology

Posted on Feb 20 2011 - 7:33pm by Mike Wewerka

lightpeak1 Apple to adopt Intels Lightpeak technology

Apple may be using a new “high-speed connection technology” that will not be USB 3.0. According to CNet, Apple is said to be looking to use Intel’s technology “Light Peak” but will most likely use another name to brand it as their own.

The Light Peak technology is suppose to be significantly faster than the USB 3.0. This may be the reason why Apple has been mum on whether or not they plan to use it in their future products.

MacRumors reports that while their is no concrete evidence, this coming week’s Apple MacBook Pro refresh may be a good place to start. The hinted rumors thus far have said that aside from the Sandy Bridge (also Intel) Processors the MacBook Pro’s will also feature additional enhancements.