Apple testing two new iPhones with 3.95-inch displays with a resolution of 640 x 1136

Posted on May 22 2012 - 10:29am by Mike Wewerka

Apple news site, 9to5Mac, is reporting that Apple is currently testing two new iPhones, dubbed 5,1 and 5,2. Each of these new iPhones is said to have a bigger, 3.95-inch display. The new iPhones are said to be in the PreEVT phase of development/testing and will have their displays enlarged diagonally, but the width of the display will remain the same. As a result, the new resolution of the display will come out to 640 (w) x 1136 (t) and will contain 330ppi, which is more than the iPhone 4/4S’s 326, so Apple will still be able to market its screen as being a “Retina” display. Below is an example of how the display would look, if found on an iPhone 4/4S.

5 580x449 Apple testing two new iPhones with 3.95 inch displays with a resolution of 640 x 1136

Because the display is changing diagonally, that means two things. One, that it will be very close to a 16:9 ratio, so movies and videos will play in their native format for a better presentation and two, developers will have to rework their apps slightly, but it also gives them more room for extra functionality. Also, reported by 9to5Mac, is the fact that Apple is reworking their home screen in iOS 6, to utilize this new screen space. The say there will be a fifth row of apps (but I believe they mean fifth column, not row) and some type of extended user interface, which offers different views of the content.

9to5Mac wraps it up talking about the new rumored connection dock, which will be a smaller version of the existing dock, not a rounded dock. Before signing off, they say “We have a lot more coming…” so it should be interesting to see what else they scoop up. 9to5Mac has been a reliable source for Apple and iPhone news from some time.

Source: 9to5Mac – Photo from: Overdrive Design